Analyzing Experiments Using Causal Forests

for R Ladies Philly

May 17 2023 Elea McDonnell Feit Associate Professor of Marketing Drexel University

Slides, code and data for a tutorial on Analyzing Experiments Using Causal Forests, which I created for R Ladies Philly.

If you want to follow along, you can open the slides slides. The slides include most of the code, but I may move a bit too fast for you to type the code yourself as I am presenting.

If you want to run the code yourself, you can download the R Markdown Code for Slides and open it in R Studio. You will also need to put the Rhea Chicks Experiment Data in the same folder as the R Markdown Code. You can also access the repo from GitHub, if that is how you roll.

Special thanks to Sue McDonnell for sharing the Rhea Chicks Experiment data reported in Koch, Colleen S., et al. “Training Rhea americana chicks to walk voluntarily across a scale; effect on the handler’s time and the chicks’ weight gain compared with traditional techniques: A pilot study.” Journal of Veterinary Behavior 18 (2017): 69-75.

Rhea Chicks